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5 Tips to Live by on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

5 tips that will set up your get-ready process for success.

1. Put your Phone on Silent

Here's a tip that might just make you a bit uncomfortable. But the truth hurts. I can't tell you how many brides we have that are attached to their phones the day of. Hey! No judgement here, but here's the thing: all the people calling you and asking for directions, vendors, etc. will figure. it. out. Don't stress yourself out trying to delegate and get through all your texts. You'll regret not fully embracing the getting ready process.

2. Collect Payment for your Vendors Beforehand

This doesn't apply to all vendors as some, including House of Posh Miami, collect payment before. However, not all Makeup & Hair Vendors do. Those that don't will appreciate you paying beforehand. When you and your bridal team are completely done with glam, running around and trying to get everyone's cash in order is just a big pain in the butt. Because at this point, the photographer wants to take photos, the girls want to get dressed, etc. What we would suggest is collecting all the money right before glam begins. This will definitely alleviate some stress and make things run a bit more smoothly.

3. Eat All the Things...well maybe not everything

The morning of your wedding you might feel nervous, anxious, excited. But the last thing you might feel is hungry because let's face it, everything else you're feeling might just take over. BUT here's a tip, you don't have to eat a big breakfast. Here are some awesome small snacks that you and your maids can snack on:

- Fruit Salad

- Yogurt

- Popcorn

- Baby Carrots

If you're planning on ordering food,




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