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Miami, FL | March 22nd, 2020



Improve Your Skills. Grow Your Network.


Make Valuable Lifelong Connections

Supercharge Your Business

Improve Your Beauty & Business Skills

Connect with Influencers and Speakers

Earn More Income and Opportunities


Our panel of speakers and influencers believe in leading an extraordinary life. This MasterClass brings together the elements of success that they've been utilizing and succeeding with for years.

In order to accomplish the things we want most in life, we must invest in ourselves, surround ourselves with goal-oriented people and put into action the lessons we've learned from legends that have reached unparalleled success before us.

We welcome you to the #Poshway of living life.

How the Beauty & Business Conference improved my life and career...

"I attended this event to learn more about business. I never assumed this would turn me into a revenue-producing machine. I learned how to monetize my personal brand and earn 10x more income."

- Courtney Sache

Fashion Blogger and Influencer

Blond Woman

"10X Income Increase"

"This conference helped me expand my busines to include Hair Styling. With the techniques and skills I learned, I've been able to earn nearly $5,000 a month in additional income."

- Tiffany Ray

Freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

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"$5,000 Increase Per Month"

"I honestly can't think of a better decision than to attend this event. I went in as the owner of a struggling agency and came out as a top marketer"

- Rebecca Maine

Owner of Modeling Agency

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"New Found Marketing Genius"